Tuesday Tips & Tricks

Tuesday Tips, using fruit in baking

Tuesday Tips, using fruit in baking

Hi all! I

wanted to check in and get this blog properly up & running with tips and tricks and recipes etc. As baking is my bag I’m passionate about all types of baking but I also understand that not all of you enjoy being in the kitchen as much as me and that’s ok, but I’m a firm believer that food should be fun. After all it’s a huge part of our social interaction, whether that be with each other, as a family and with those friends we like to class as our extended family. My aim here is too give you a better understanding of things ‘kitchen-ie’.

Yes I did just make that word up….eh hm…I’m prone to doing this btw, so hang in there, we should have some fun together and if you learn a few nuggets along the way well then that’s a bonus.

We’ve just launched into November here in the UK, and BBRRR is cold outside! Some of you may be thinking about baking a little over the Christmas period I thought I’d share a few tips to help along the way. Having been baking for years and listening to my mother’s tips and advice so I thought I’d share some nuggets with you all. If baking cakes and Christmas puddings I’m sure you are thinking about doing it around now to ensure is matured enough for the holidays. Well I have 2 tips when using fruit.

1) Soak the fruit over night, If you like a boozie taste use a Rum or an Irish Whisky. This will allow the fruit to plump out and be extra juicy to ensure your cakes or puddings are moist. If a ‘boozie’ taste is not the way you roll, try using a warm cup of black tea or some orange juice. This will so the trick but without the alcohol taste!
2) When using fruit in baking, sprinkle a spoon of flour over the fruit and stir around, this stops the fruit from sinking in the tin.

That’s it for now but thanks for popping by, & drop in again soon!

Love Martina xo