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Tips for using lemons

Lemon Tips & Tricks

Tuesday Tips & Tricks


For this weeks tips and tricks, I am giving you the low down on the humble lemon.

Hello everyone, and I’m back today with the Tuesday Tip! So today I’m giving you the lowdown on the humble lemon and believe me, not to be underestimated in the kitchen! Lemons, complete with the juice & zest are a ‘must have’ in any kitchen, hey you can even clean your dishwasher & microwave with them! Plus they have anti-bacterial properties, anyhoos…that’s a whole other post! But for today we’re looking at lemons in cooking and baking.


So here we go:-
1) When you are buying lemons don’t discard the bumpy/lumpy ones! These are usually the ones from the outside of the tree, therefore soaking up more sun that those in the shade, thereby making them far more juicy than the shaded ones!
2) Always add the zest of a lemon to supplement the juice, as the skin contains lemon oil, which is beautifully fragrant and tasty to boot!
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Have a great week.

Martina xo